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Taking time off: Maternity

Maternity Leave Benefits

How do I get benefits?

To get maternity leave benefits, you'll have to apply to your local Human Resources Centre.

You're eligible for maternity benefits if:
  • Your regular weekly pay goes down by more than 40%.
  • You have 600 insurable hours of work in the last 52 weeks or since your last claim.

How much will I get?

The basic rate is 55% of your average insured earnings to a maximum of $413 a week. You don't get paid for the first two weeks of your claim.

You can receive maternity benefits for up to 15 weeks. If you qualify for maternity benefits, you may also be able to claim parental benefits if you decide to take parental leave. Click here for more details on maternity and parental benefits.

You can also get help from an unemployed workers' help centre. If you live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan or Qu├ębec, see if there's a help centre in your area.

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