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Annual Vacation

How much annual vacation time am I entitled to?

Upon working one year an employees is entitled to two weeks vacation time each year. After five years, the employee is entitled to three weeks vacation time each year.  Employers can choose to offer more vacation time if they wish.

How much vacation pay am I entitled to?

You are entitled to you regular pay for the period of your vacation.

What are employees paid while on vacation?

Vacation pay is calculated based on the earnings in the previous year. For each week of vacation, employees earn two per cent of their gross wages as vacation pay. Employees who earn two weeks of vacation receive four per cent of their gross wages as vacation pay. Employees with three weeks vacation receive six per cent of their gross wages as vacation pay.  Gross wages include all regular wages and any general holiday pay. Regular wages include hours paid as commission, salary, hourly, bonuses tied to productivity and any other wages paid as compensation for the regular hours of work.  Overtime wages, wages in lieu of notice and the previous year's vacation wages are not included.

When am I entitled to my vacation time?

An employees is entitled to take vacation on completion of a year’s service. The vacation time must be granted within 10 months after the 12-month qualifying period.  If an employer and an employee are unable to agree on when the employee will take the annual vacation, the employer shall give the employee at least 15 days' notice of the date on which the vacation is to begin and the employee must take the vacation at that time.  An employer may not require an employee to take less than 1 week vacation at a time. 

When should I receive my vacation pay?

Employers decide when vacation pay is to be paid. However, it must be paid no later than the last day of work before the vacation and within 10 months of earning it. Employers may pay vacation pay on every pay cheque. Employees are still entitled to take time off as vacation, but do not receive any additional vacation pay while they are off because it has already been paid on each cheque.

What if a statutory holiday falls on a day when I am on vacation?

A vacation day falling on a general holiday is calculated as a general holiday rather than under annual vacation time.

What if my job ends before I have taken my vacation or before it has been paid out?

When employment ends, employees must be paid all of the vacation pay that has been earned. Employees begin earning vacation from their first day of work. This includes the situation where an employee has not yet completed one year of service.  Vacation cannot be used as notice of termination. Employees are entitled to all outstanding vacation pay when their employment ends in addition to any severance or other outstanding entitled payments.

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