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New Brunswick

Weekly Rest and Sunday Closing

Am I entitled to a day of rest from work each week?

In New Brunswick, according to the Employment Standards Act, every employer in the Province of New Brunswick is required to give all employees a weekly rest period of at least twenty-four (24) consecutive hours. The rest period is to be taken, if possible, on Sunday. This does not authorize any work to be performed on Sunday that is now prohibited by law.

Employees who work in a tourist designated area or who are employed in retail or part of a retail business permitted to be open on Sunday based on an exemption granted under the Days of Rest Act may refuse to work on Sunday. An employee who is permitted to refuse to work on a Sunday shall give the employer verbal or written notice of refusal at least fourteen (14) days before any Sunday on which the employee refuses to work.

Is my workplace allowed to open on Sunday?

In most areas of New Brunswick, retail establishments may open Sundays between the Sunday preceding New Brunswick Day (first Monday of August) and Christmas Day.

Most other establishments are required to close, but there are some exceptions, including: drug stores, motor vehicle service stations, convenience stores, and usually, upon application, retail businesses in tourist areas. When establishments can open there are sometimes restrictions on the number of employees working.

What legislation determines the day of rest and Sunday openings?

The Employment Standards Act, the Days of Rest Act and Exemptions Regulation provide the above requirements.

How do I make a complaint about my work situation?

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