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British Columbia

Weekly Rest and Sunday Closing

Am I entitled to a day of rest from work each week?

In British Columbia an employer must either ensure that an employee has at least 32 consecutive hours free from work each week - with a week defined as a period of 7 consecutive days beginning on a Sunday (for the purpose of calculating overtime) - or pay an employee time and a half the regular wage for time worked by the employee during the 32-hour period the employee would otherwise be entitled to have free from work.

Note: As of November 30, 2002, changes to the BC Employment Standards Act have reduced workers' wages from double to time and a half for time worked during the 32-hour period which employees should have free from work.

Is my workplace allowed to open on Sunday?

In practice Sunday shopping and retail store opening is widespread.

Who determines if my workplace can be open on Sunday?

The provisions of the Holiday Shopping Regulation Act dealing with the opening/closing of retail establishments on Sundays were struck down by the B.C. Court of Appeal.

What legislation determines the day of rest and Sunday openings?

The Employment Standards Act; the Employment Standards Regulations; and the Holiday Shopping Regulation Act (HSRA).

How do I make a complaint about my work situation?

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