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Minimum Wage


Minimum Wage

What is the minimum wage in the federal jurisdiction?

For workers under federal jurisdiction, the minimum wage is the same as designated by the province or territory where you work. It is determined by the provincial legislation.

Who does Federal Juristiction apply to?

Employers and employees involved in federal works, undertakings and businesses are covered by the Canada Labour Code.
These are businesses and organizations whose main activities include:

  • railways, road transport, ferries, canals, tunnels, and bridges that extend beyond the border of a province or Canada
  • air transport, aircraft operations, and aerodromes
  • shipping and shipping services
  • telephone, telegraph, and cable systems
  • radio and television broadcasting
  • banks
  • pipelines
  • most grain elevators
  • flour and seed mill, feed warehouses and grain-seed cleaning plants
  • uranium mining and processing
  • most federal Crown corporations, such as Canada Post Corporation and Canada Mortgage and Housing

What legislation governs Federal Minimum Wage?

The Canada Labour Code.

How do I make a complaint about my work situation?

Learn more about making a complaint in your jurisdiction

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