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Minimum Wage


Minimum Wage

What is the minimum wage in Québec?

The minimum wage is Québec is $9.65/hr as of May 1, 2011.  Minimum wage for employees who receive gratuities is $8.35/hr. 

Am I covered by the minimum wage law in Québec?

Employees who are subject to the Act respecting Labour Standards are entitled to the minimum wage set by the Québec government.

Some employees subject to the Act respecting Labour Standards are nonetheless excluded from the application of the minimum wage. They are:
  • a student employed in a social or community non-profit organization, such as a recreational organization or a vacation camp
  • a trainee within the context of vocational training recognized by a law
  • an employee entirely remunerated on commission who works outside the establishment and whose  hours of work cannot be controlled
  • an employee mainly assigned to non-mechanized operations relating to the picking of processing vegetables

Which legislation determines the minimum wage?

The Québec Act Respecting Labour Standards.

For further information on minimum wage legislation in Québec..

How do I make a complaint about my work situation?

Learn more about making a complaint in your jurisdiction

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