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Northwest Territories

Statutory Holidays

What are the statutory holidays in the Northwest Territories?

The statutory holidays are New Year's Day, Good Friday, National Aboriginal Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, First Monday in August, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day.

What are the eligibility requirements to qualify for holiday pay?

You must have worked at least 30 days during the year before the holiday.  Employees "on call" are considered working for each day they are on call, even if they are not called in to work.

Are there exceptions to the eligibility requirements?

Employees are not entitled to holiday pay if they:

  • have not worked for 30 days or more during the preceding year
  • did not report to work on the holiday after having been called to do so
  • did not report to work on their regular work day immediately preceding or following the holiday, without their employer’s consent
  • are on pregnancy, parental, compassionate or court leave more than 10 days
  • students on a work program
  • domestic employees working in the employers regular residence

How much should I get paid if I work on a statutory holiday?

Employees are entitled to holiday pay, plus either 1½ times their regular rate of wages for the time worked or another day off with pay at some other time convenient to the employee and the employer. This must be scheduled no later than the employee’s next annual vacation or the termination of his or her employment.

How much is "holiday pay"?

If paid hourly, holiday pay is your regular hourly wage.  If an employee is paid on a basis other than hourly, the average wages earned is calculating based on the 4 week immediately before the holiday. 

How much should I get paid if I don’t work on a statutory holiday or if the holiday falls on a non-working day?

An employee receives holiday pay even if he/she doesn't work on a statutory holiday.

What if I have to work an extra day to make up for the holiday?

Employees who are not required to work on a general holiday must be paid at least double their regular rate of wages if they are required to work on what is normally a non-working day in the same week as the statutory holiday.

Can a statutory holiday be substituted for a day-off on another day of the year?

A holiday may be substituted for another day where:

  • a class of employees are represented by a trade union and the parties to a collective agreement notify the Labour Standards Officer in writing that a specified day has been designated in the collective agreement as a holiday in lieu of a general holiday under the Act
  • employees are not represented by a union, or a collective agreement does not contain provisions regarding general holidays, and an employer applies to the Labour Standards Officer to substitute another day for a holiday designated under the Act. The Labour Standards Officer must be satisfied that a majority of the affected employees agree before approving the substitution.

For more information, please see the Northwest Territories Employment Standards Act.

How do I make a complaint about my work situation?

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