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Pay Equity

British Columbia

Pay Equity

Which legislation addresses equal pay in my jurisdiction?

The BC Human Rights Code, which applies to the private and public sectors.

How does the law measure equality of pay?

The law uses rate of pay as the basis to measure equality of pay.

How does the law compare different kinds of work?

The law uses similar or substantially similar work as the basis for determining equality of pay. The comparison is based on the concept of skill, effort and responsibility.

What reasons does the law consider acceptable for differences in pay?

Under the BC Human Rights Code: seniority, merit, or any system which measures quantity or quality of production.

How do I make a complaint about equality of pay discrimination?

Any person or group of persons may file a complaint. There is an investigation by a human rights officer. If there is no settlement, the matter is referred to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. The decision of a member or panel of the Tribunal may be enforced as a judgement of the Supreme Court.

Are there restrictions on recovering wages if my complaint is successful?

Recovery of wages by action against the employer is restricted to the 12-month period prior to the termination of an employee’s services or the commencement of proceedings.

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