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Firings & Layoffs

Losing a Job: Unjust Firings

How to fight unjust firings

What can I do if:

  • I'm fired illegally?
  • My boss lets me go and doesn't pay me what I'm owed?

You should file a claim or complaint with your Employment Standards branch. (Note: There are usually time limits.) Seek legal help from legal aid or elsewhere to find out if you have a case in law. This is especially important in firings, since the law is complex and it's unusual for workers to get their jobs back if they've been fired. If you live in British Columbia or Ontario, click here for more information on getting legal help.

If you think racism or another form of discrimination against you played a part in your firing, you should also contact your human rights commission.

It could take a long time before your claim to money owed or your case for unjust firing is resolved. Government cuts mean there's less staff to help workers who are treated unjustly.

Court action is a possibility, but usually not while an employment standards claim is in the works. Court action can take a long time too and it usually ends up costing a lot.

If you are a union member, contact your shop steward or union executive. Your union must represent you, and your contract gives you the right to fight back through the grievance procedure.

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