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Making a Complaint

Nova Scotia

Making a Complaint

How do I file a complaint?

If you feel your boss has violated your employment rights, you can file a complaint with the Labour Standards Division of the Department of Environment and Labour.

Can my identity be kept confidential?

Yes. The Labour Standards Division won't reveal your name or any identifying information if you ask that your identity be withheld.

What happens after I file the complaint?

Your complaint will be dealt with through Early Contact and/or an investigation.

Early Contact is used for simple complaints. You and your boss will be contacted by phone to try to solve the problem. A package will be given to your employer explaining what the law says about the issue. Your employer will be asked to deal with you to try to solve the problem. Labour Standards staff will talk to you and your employer to try to help you reach a settlement. If this fails, then the case will be investigated.

In an investigation, a Labour Standards Officer speaks to you and your employer and tries to reach a settlement. If that fails, the officer will investigate further and talk to you and your boss about her or his findings. If that still fails to solve the problem, the officer will make a recommendation to the Director about whether or not your case should be supported. The Director will then make a decision. If either you or your boss aren't happy with the decision, you can appeal to the Labour Standards Tribunal within 10 working days of the day you get notice of the Director's decision.